Our Core Values - Caring + Seeking + Inclusive + Community

People of KUC

  • Walking the Labyrinth
    Walking the Labyrinth
  • Indoor picnic lunch
    Enjoying an indoor picnic lunch
  • Sack race
    Picnic fun - sack race
  • Strawberry Jam Jazz Band
    Strawberry Jam Jazz Band
  • Facepainting Stephane
    Stephane getting his face painted
  • Welcome to the Carnival
    Welcome to the Carnival
  • Children at Midway
    Carnival games at church picnic
  • Alison and Emma
    Smiles and new t-shirts "50 things we love about KUC"
  • Mini Putt event and parents
    3rd Annual Mini Putt participants, Bev & parents
  • Mini putt team and jelly beans
    Laughter and jelly beans
  • Mini Putt May 27
    May 27 Youth Group 3rd Annual Mini Putt Tournament
  • The Murrays on the Red Carpet 2016
    Stars on the Red Carpet at Murder Mystery Dinner
  • The MacKinnons on the Red Carpet 2016
    Stars on the Red Carpet at Murder Mystery Dinner
  • The Georges on the Red Carpet 2016
    Stars on the Red Carpet at Murder Mystery Dinner
  • Murder Mystery Cast 2016
    Cast of Murder Mystery 2016
  • Confirmands & Bev 2016
    Confirmands & Bev
  • Confirmands & cake
    Confirmands celebrate with cake
  • Easter 2016 crafts
    Easter 2016 Kidsown Craft Time
  • Kanata & Glen Cairn Choirs
    Kanata United & Glen Cairn United Church Choirs
  • Book Fair volunteers
    Book Fair 2016 Volunteers
  • Compost Sales end of April
    Compost Sales 2016 end of April
  • Book Fair 2016 Volunteer Party
    Book Fair 2016 Volunteer's Party
  • Volunteers at the Bazaar Bake Table
    Volunteers at the Bazaar Bake Table
  • Imam Sikander Hashmi & Rev. Stephane Vermette - Q&A Session at Bazaar 2016
    Imam Sikander Hashmi & Rev. Stephane Vermette - Q&A session during the Bazaar.
  • Easter 2016 - Alleluia Singers & Intermediate Choir practicing
  • Storytime with Stephane Easter 2016
    Time for all God's children
  • Fellowship time in Church Hall
    Fellowship time in Church Hall
  • Easter 2016 crafttime with Bev
    Easter Craft time with Bev and kids
  • Tricia and kidsown
    Tricia and Kidsown youth
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Contact Us

613-592-4290 fax
33 Leacock Dr., Kanata, ON   K2K 2B9

What's Happening

CAMP AWESOME - AUGUST 15-19 from 10 am - 3 pm
Please call the church office 613-592-5834 or email the Camp Registrar at campawesome@kuc.ca to check on spaces still available for this camp.

Biblical Reflection of the Week

“After this the Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself intended to go. He said to them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest." (Luke 10: 1-2)

Evangelization.  For mainline churches, this word is inevitably with horrible stories of the past.  Men and women came from Europe to impose their faith and civilization to First Nations People living in the Americas.  The desire to convert the inhabitant of Africa and Asia was the result of the contempt the Western world has toward the rest of the world.  For many, all sorts of evangelization should be avoided at all costs.  We should not repeat the mistakes of the past.

During his lifetime, Jesus walked back and forth in Galilee, Samaria and Judea to proclaim his message.  He was deeply convinced that many were ready to listen to him.  Because he could not be in all places at the same time, Jesus appointed some of his disciples to represent him and speak in his name.

To spread and proclaim Jesus’ good news is necessarily a shameful activity nor a sign of arrogance.  We can share our convictions with others with belittling or humiliating them.  We are surrounded by many individuals who do not want to belong to the institutional church, but who are still spiritual and looking to engage conversation on faith and values.  Instead of trying to “convert” them, we can learn to walk to them, to meet them and to begin a dialogue that could be beneficial and fruitful for all parties.