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Bev Buckingham, DLM - Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care
Email: bbuckingham@kuc.ca

33 Leacock Dr.
K2K 2B9
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Miscellaneous Information:

 For 33 years I have ministered primarily to children and youth and as the picture indicates, I have provided lots of snacks.  As I shift for the next year into this new role as Minister for Worship, Sacraments and Pastoral Care I will be taking on feeding the flock in a new way (although the kids have already been in to check if my candy jar moved with me!!).

 I love being a part of the Kanata United Church family and integrating my own family in as well.  My grandkids, Noah and Taylor traveled to Virginia this spring for our annual Habitat build and have made life long friends amongst our youth.  My daughters, Erin and Shannon feel right at home here and there is a picture of my son-in-law, Trevor enjoying one of our get-togethers with a hardy laugh.

 I bring a love of everything Celtic to my ministry and believe that God is present in the everyday tasks and activities that fill our lives.  How blessed we are to be able to acknowledge God’s presence and offer gratitude for something as simple as preparing a cup of tea or baking a pie. 

 I hope that this year there will be lots of opportunities to work together, laugh together, pray and worship together as we look ahead and plan for what comes next.  Come and join us for this exciting journey.