• Church Council   ( 11 Articles )
  • Faith Development & Learning   ( 4 Articles )

    Chair:       Bob Richards

    Members: Sally Duke, Stephen Free, Glenda Baker, Stephane Vermette, Marjorie Edwards, Sandra Quirt, Tricia Carran, Ruth Winter


  • Finance   ( 10 Articles )

    Chair:       Ron Allen

    Members:  Ron Allen (Treasurer), Joan Brown (Bookkeeper), Jack Franklin (Envelope Secretary), Richard Monkman (Payroll Administrator), Charlie Hobbs (Fundraising)

  • Stewardship   ( 2 Articles )

    Chair: Bob Richards

    Members:  Rev. Stephane Vermette, Charlie Hobbs, Andy Carran

    The Stewardship Committee nurtures our time, talents and resources in support of the life of the church. 


  • Worship   ( 2 Articles )

    ChairAllan Brown

    Members:  Rev. Stephane Vermette, Sally Duke, Dianne Moore, Jane Maslin, Olive Fagan, Margaret Burman, Glenda Baker,  Donna Stewart

    Clerk of Sacraments:  Kathy Beamish